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At The Skid Row Project, we're constantly working toward our goal of creating an inclusive community for the homeless. Our mission was inspired by our owner's experience during a church volunteer project. After seeing homelessness firsthand at a young age, she knew her goal in life was to help those unable to help themselves.

The Skid Row Squad

About Us

Inspired by our owner's drive, we strive to provide non-judgmental, welcoming help to our community's homeless. Unlike other organizations providing homeless resources, we don't charge those we're helping. We're truly devoted to helping those in need make positive life changes.

Our organization started with the simple task of handing out bagged lunches. During our initial project, we ultimately distributed 200 lunches. This is now a quarterly event in which we hand out roughly 1,000 lunches. While we still provide lunches and other food donations, we also help the homeless with other necessary tasks such as finding transportation and filling out paperwork.

We seek to serve as a catalyst for those with a drive to help others. If you're looking for a safe place to help those around you or gain volunteer experience, please don't hesitate to reach out.